Tammo Rist
The Paint Guillotine, with Time-works and Oversized Objects

Curated by Tito Frey

“As a pampered 1st world hedonist, true to the nature of myself, I prefer to leave my creative virtue to configured technical apparatuses doing the job in my place. In the meantime, I am free to dedicate my life and joy to more meaningful concerns like earning real money, mowing the lawn or taking a hot bath.”

At this Monday’s One Night Only, Rist will show a selection of standardized working practices in which the artistic process is entrusted to technical devices, pre-organized set-ups and modules.

You are cordially invited to participate in the creation of a painting by the push of a button! In the course of the evening, The Paint Guillotine will be put into operation to spill liquids and paint over paper, floor and walls.

The start for the Paint Guillotine is set to 20:45 pm

Tammo Rist (b.1976) is a German artist based in Oslo. He graduated as ‘Meisterschüler’ from Universität der Künste Berlin in 2004 and works multi-interdisciplinary(!) He has exhibited throughout Europe, the US and Asia including the Venice Biennale, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Künstlerhaus Bethanien and Palais de Tokyo.

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