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Inga Sund Hofset (født 1983)
student på kunstakademiet i Oslo.

Livet, døden, (havet) og kjærligheten.
-prose, water, wood

I know what it is to desire. I do not suffer anxiety because I am waiting for the object of my desire. I face two alternatives, triumph and failure. Of course, neither of these is actually true since the object of desire is a substitute for another object; nonetheless, that is the phenomenological state desire finds me in. What is true is that lack lies behind the metonymy of desire. So any analysis of desire and the image must take into account the lack behind the plenitude and pleasure of the image. But we must appreciate the complexities of the idea of lack. For if desire results from the lack of an object we have two possibilities: first, that the lacking object lies somewhere in front of us; second, that the lacking object lies behind us.

(fra Bruce Nauman and the Object of Anxiety, Parveen Adams, October, Vol. 83, 1998)

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