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One Bag of Chips Only was initiated in the spring of 2010. It came to an unfortunate halt at the moment when some drunk bastard(s) stole the bag of chips, and ate it. (They probably ate only the content, not the actual bag.) The artist briefly considered buying a new bag of chips, replace part of the content with the great abundance of chips he had already done thorough studies of, and resume the project as if nothing had happened. Obviously, this would be forgery, and the artist doesn’t believe in lies. Unfortunately, the crate of chips he had received as a gift from Sørlandschips, because those nice guys over there are just great, had all been consumed at various after parties at the artist’s residence. That is, the content of the crate, not the crate itself. Nor had the bags been consumed, only the actual potato chips: the bags had been thrown away with the garbage. Thus, he had to go the radical few steps to the nearest grocery store and spend some cold hard cash on a brand new bag of potato chips, carry it back to his studio, sharpen his pencil and let the graphite begin sliding across paper whilst studying each and every potato chip attentively with his eyeballs. The result of this transition of visual qualities, channeled through the artist’s body and back into the outer world, will now be available for public viewing for the first time. There will also be a healthy serving of (the) potato chips. No two are the same.

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