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The magazine "FØLGENE" is the result of Gruppe 11's attempt to produce one common artwork and one common text by constructing a chain of art and a chain of text following these rules:

1. One person initiates the chain by making and passing on an artwork to the next person in the chain.
2. The next person puts together a work based on what is received, and then passes it on to the next person in the chain.
3. Each person is only able to see what the predecessor has done, and so it continues through the nine people in the group.
4. Meanwhile, a text is sent through a differently ordered chain, following the same concept.
5. The text should be approximately 10 sentences long, and should be inspired by the text one receives.
6. Each person has one week to complete the artwork and one week to write the text.
7. One cannot show the works to anyone in the group, besides the next person in the chain.
8. The work must be completed wherever the artist is situated at the time.

For the event at ONO on the 12th of December the magazine "FØLGENE" which includes the nine artworks and the text made up of 9 paragraphs that were the result of the chain, will be launched. In addition to "FØLGENE" there will be an exhibition where each of the members present what they have developed from the work they made in the chain. In the exhibition, the artwork will take into consideration what came before them AND what came after them in the chain. By doing this, Gruppe 11 continues the chain.

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