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Maren Juell Kristensen

Maren Juell Kristensen (1976) has, after gaining an MA at Chelsea College of Art in 2004, exhibited widely in Norway and abroad. Amongst others; ‘LIGHTS ON Norwegian contemporary art’ at ‘Astrup Fearnley Museum of Contemporary art’ and ‘Five Nordic Women’ at ‘Liverpool Biennial 2008’.

Her work consists of video installations where she explores video both as a device for storytelling and physical presence of light. The installations are made as a navigational guide to the content of the video, both in physical space and as referring statements.

The works are concerned with the balance between physical and imaginary entities, and the expectation of an explanation or fulfillment. Her latest works has focused on how mental states influence visual perception, a state of mind when perception of reality is uncertain. The work uses familiar narratives and fragments from mass media and popular culture for their symbolic and emotive values.

NATURAL is centered around a passage by the British romantic poet Samuel T. Coleridge where he first defines the term “Suspension of disbelief”. This is a common phrase used in relation to works of fiction; how we lay aside our doubts regarding the validation of presented reality to be involved in a narrative.

The exhibition is curated by
Jon Benjamin Tallerås

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