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Tanya Busse & Joar Nango
Vestavin: Publication Launch

Publication launch and wine tasting at UKS

Please join us for the launch of Vestavin: the publication, a fully illustrated color book documenting a year-long project of the same name. The publication includes contributions from Johanne Nordby Wernø and Karolin Tampere, Sille Storihle, Simon Harvey, Magne Tomren, Sandor Ellix Katz, Tormod Haugland, Arild Eriksen and Joakim Skajaa, and designers Linn Eriksen/Ian Brown.

Vestavin is a research-based project that focuses on the culture and folk-traditions of home-made winemaking. Initially part of Vestlandsutstilligen, it was initiated as a way to explore ideas of agriculture, climate and geography, and also, to engage with alternative routes of local, small-production within the west coast region. Learning from various processes, we were able to investigate themes such as gathering and collecting (both in terms of material goods and knowledge and information) fermentation (transformation and social change) sharing and distribution, and inventive d.i.y. designs and systems. Alongside this, we also produced an assortment of wines, including a series of Public Space wines and everything folky, from birch, elderberry, oak leaf, raspberry/plum, red /black current, to blueberry/blackberry and seaweed. A selection of these wines will be shared during One Night Only.

Tanya Busse was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and received a Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). As an artist and cultural producer, she is interested in the relationship between culture and nature and works predominantly with themes related to aspects of identity, utopia, transformation and social change. She is currently pursuing her masters degree in Contemporary Art at the University of Tromsø.

Joar Nango is son to Nils John Nango from Máze. He has a degree in Architecture from NTNU, Trondheim. He works with place-specific installations and self-made publications which explore the boundary between architecture, design and visual art. Thematically speaking, his work relates to questions of identity, often through investigating the oppositions and contradictions in contemporary architecture. Recently, he has worked on the theme The Modern Sami Space through, amongst other things, the self-published series Sámi Huksendáidda: the Fanzine and design project Sámi Shelters. His work has exhibited in many places internationally, including Germany, Canada and Russia.

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