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Silver:The Yoghurt That Watched A Porn
Support: Hypnotized Carrot

Inspired by various scientific experiments with plants, bacteria and genetic research, Silver's last work rather raises astounding questions then to give answers: Do lower life forms have perception and even memory? Is an experience heritable? How a food DNA affects the one who eats it? 

There will be specially prepared food with encoded information served in ONO gallery on Monday 10th September at 20:00. Audience can taste it and experience how it feels to be influenced by it.

The Yoghurt That Watched A Porn

1. 1L milk
2. 1 tablespoon white sugar to feed the bacteria
3. 2 tablespoons existing yogurt with live cultures (or you can use freeze-dried bacteria instead)
4. Walnuts
5. Honey

1. Heat the milk to 85ºC.
2. Cool the milk to 43ºC.
3. Warm the starter. Let the starter yogurt sit at room temperature while you're waiting for the milk to cool.
4. Add the starter. Add 2 tablespoons of the existing yogurt, or add the freeze-dried bacteria. Stir it in.
5. Pour the mixture into a clean containers in yoghurt maker. Close containers with lids.
6. Allow the yoghurt bacteria to incubate at a porn production site. Put the yoghurt maker to a suitable place where it remains close to a porn production while being undisturbed (avoid shaking) for about 6 hours.
7. Serve the yoghurt with honey and walnuts.

Hypnotized Carrot
1. Carrot Seeds
2. Walnuts
3. Honey

1. Grow a carrot in a pot till it is in size ready for consumption. 
2. Hypnotize it. Use a common hypnosis method.
3. Pass a secret message to the carrot when it's hypnotized. 
4. Remove the carrot from pot, wash it, pile it, cut it into small pieces.
5. Serve the carrot with honey and nuts.
About Silver:
Silver is not just an artist but a brand, active in exploring the grey area between art, science and technology since 1994. The brand’s creative projects in recent years have been participatory, interactive, networked and mobile. They focus on computer algorithms and their connection to human behavior. Silver has exhibited in various museums, galleries and media festivals in Europe and worldwide, most recently at the FILE festival 2005 in Sao Paolo, the Venice Biennale 2007, the Ars Electronica 2007 in Linz, and Homo Ludens Ludens in Gijon. Nowadays, Silver explores possibilities of DIY bio. 

Production Team:
Pia Bekkvik
Marianne Knutsen
Petr Svarovsky

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