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Scott Rogers
Meanders Into Nonesuch Place

Rogers' practice is situated where idealism and actuality meet; at the point that imagined solutions come up against unavoidable practicality. Often this method of working concerns itself with hybrids between historical research, traditional techniques, and digital technologies. Recently, his interests have been focused on perpetual motion devices, particularly those built by the eccentric Czech explorer and inventor Jan Welzl.

Scott Rogers is a Canadian artist based in Glasgow. He has an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art and also studied at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt. His work has been included in exhibitions in New Zealand (St Paul St Gallery, Auckland), Germany (PM Galerie, Berlin), the United States (The Soap Factory, Minneapolis), The UK (National Glass Centre/AV Festival, Sunderland), and Japan (The Field Trip Project). He is the current recipient of the Gordon Fellowship from the Glasgow Sculpture Studios. He will present a solo exhibition at GSS in November 2013 as the culmination of the fellowship.

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