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Ana Rita Antonio is a problem solver par excellence, with a particular enthusiasm for redneck repairs, quick fixes and problematic solutions.

As an artist, I like to embrace objects and situations of my everyday life as a working material. Often,I give myself tasks to be applied in a range of familiar everyday challenges and casual components. From my- imperfect- perspective of humorous procrastination, suggestion and conceptual logic, I explore on thoughts and all kinds of responses to the same problem.

Graduated from ESAD.CR, Portugal with a bachelor in Fine Arts in 2003, she later on moved to Norway where she received her Master degree by Bergen National Academy of Arts. Recently graduated from the Design LAB department at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam with the thesis "Design from Jeans to Genes". For the graduation project she developed a design mentality in problem solving, an on-going project entitle, “The poetics of miss understanding”.

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