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The Academy of Fine Art’s Advent Calendar at Oslo Central Station

One Night Only presents a retrospective exhibition with works from the Artist's Advent Calendar that took place at Oslo Central Station December 2012. The works are made by artists connected to the Academy of Fine Art, both students, alumni and employees. Documentation is published on the website

Tito Frey organized the calendar in collaboration with «Rom for Kunst» (Space for Art), supported by «KHiO» and «Kulturetaten». It was a serial exhibition of 24 artworks throughout 24 days in a illuminated display-case, which was situated in front of the entrance to «Østbanehallen», on the station square. The format of the case and its position in public space gives guidelines for both content and size of the works. Additional to the exhibition in the case, the facade of Oslo S was decorated with a banner, throughout the whole exhibition period, made by Fadlabi. The display-case is now permanently installed and UKS will in the future curate the «picture of the town» (Byens Bilde) in it.

The «picture of the town» has a tradition in Oslo from the 1960s and 1970s. In that time UKS had installed a display-case in front of «Stortinget» where they curated a new artwork every month. Many well known norwegian artists have shown their works there, such as Morten Krogh, Eva Winther-Larssen, Håkon Bleken or Eva Bull Holte. Some of them readopted political art in Norway, and some triggered a controversy about what is acceptable to exhibit in public space. A historical important happening in 1965 is Kjartan Slettemarks painting «Report of Vietnam, kids are doused with burning Napalm, their skin is burned to black wounds and they die». A provoked viewer smashed the case and the painting. UKS demanded police protection to show the artwork furthermore, but that was refused. Slettemarks work is now in the collection of the National gallery. Benedikte Rønsens contribution to the calendar, shown the December 1st, is a homage to this artist.

The calendar project started in 2009 at the old Academy of Fine Art in St. Olavsgate. The building is known as «Norway Geographical Measuring». One of the intentions was to get attention to the artistic activity behind the walls where the sign over the portal says: «Norges Geografisk Oppmåling». For the past two years the calendar took place outside KHiO in «Seilduksgate» and moved in 2012 to Oslo Central Station.

The aim of Frey was to reintroduce «the picture of the town», since the beginning of the project. The collaboration with «Rom for Kunst» made this possible and UKS will in the future be able to curate the «picture of the town» again.

Rom for kunst, is a public art initiative run by Rom Eiendom AS, started in 2001, with the intention of offering a positive experience to the many visitors to the station (

The following artists are participating:
Andreas Bennin, Andreas Hald Oxenvad, Andréas Skjelde, AK Dolven, Benedikte Rønsen, Constance Tenvik, Endre Mathistad, Fadlabi, Hannan Benammar & Ragnild Aamås, Hedda Roterud Amundsen, Helena Lund Ek, Jeannette Christensen, Johan Carlsson, Julia Lee Hong, Linda K Røed, Lise Birgitte Steingrim, Martin Bech-Ravn, Matilda Höög, Michael O`Donnell, Mimmi Mattila, Pernille Meidell, Silje Johannessen, Solveig Lønseth, Tarald Johan Wassvik, Tito Frey

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