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ince most of you who are reading this and most of you who will see this piece of shit show also make unnecessary and useless art I might as well get right to it. At the time of writing this text I have no idea what this show will consist of or be about, but rest assure it will be an extraordinary aesthetic experience delivered by exceptional objects. Or not. Who cares? Probably not actually. I just found out that I am doing this show and it has to be ready in one week. Not only that, but the text has to be ready tonight. And it’s not like I have a studio filled with brilliant artworks just waiting to be exposed. In any case, your expectations are most likely unproportionately low or unproportionately high.

What is it about?
Take your pick. It’s either about some psychological oddity that I read about in Cabinet magazine or some historical-political-unresolvedness-whatever, it could even be about the commodification of immateriality, like credibility or religion. I could go for any one of those and be super happy with myself. I might even go so far as to say that it’s about the fucking art scene, pretend to be all bitter and all knowing, citing bought critics and art world philosophers who shrewdly point out that the anti-market art rhetoric only obliges to soften the image of the market it slavishly serves. All the while I will secretly be hoping that this position of quasi badass-ness lands me some commercial success. Which it probably would have if I hadn’t ended with - “Which it probably would have if I hadn’t ended with”.

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