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Celeste Najt
The Unexpected Part of Life: Norway

“I am interested in observe what happens with the facts of Reality, Time and Space when things are subtly modified.  By this mechanism I attempt to suggest which could be the interactive role of the artist with society, how the personal view can be related with the common space, provoking a new composition, new meanings, and new ways of interaction. My artworks explore the borders between the Always in which we are used to live, and The Unexpected part of life that is always latent, but not always manifested.”

The Unexpected part of life is a project, which intends to create a parallel narration not only about specific places but about them in relation to the world. This time, Celeste has been living in different parts of Norway for a while, and the result of all the bits and pieces she has created or found during her journey, will be presented at ONO. 

Celeste Najt is an artist from Buenos Aires, currently living between Europe and her hometown, following the path of her creative improvement and working everyday in tune perception with present lifetime. The main intention of her work is to embrace a reflection of reality by the combination of different natures, different art techniques, different feelings and different ideological conceptions. Looking for inspiration in landscapes, people, and those unrepeatable fragments of time, in which everything seems to be perfectly engaged. As a result she makes a type of unique combination, inviting the viewers, to incorporate some of her visions into their worlds. Her work has been exhibited in Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, US, UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.

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