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A shadow is a reverse projection of an object…
Therese Markhus, Ingrid Toogood Hovland, Liv Tandrevold Eriksen, Maren Juell Kristensen

Liv Tandrevold Eriksen, Ingrid Toogood Hovland and Maren Juell Kristensen have worked together with the dancers and choreographers Therese Markus and Kristianne Mo. The result is a one night event that involves an object, projections and people. .....also, if the object is moving, the shadow cast by the object will project an image with dimensions (length) expanding proportionally faster than the object's own rate of movement. The increase of size and movement is also true if the distance between the object of interference and the light source are closer. This, however, does not mean the shadow may move faster than light, even when projected at vast distances, such as light years...

Therese Markhus:
Ingrid Toogood Hovland:
Liv Tandrevold Eriksen:
Maren Juell Kristensen:

Thanks to students from Einar Graum Kunstfagskole who has generously lent us their shadows.

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